Blogger: Matthew Davis Fox

I’ve added the LiveJournal page feed for (the Rev.) Matthew Davis Fox on my feed reader at home.

I found it after I Googled his name after finding at reference to his ordination at the All Souls Bethlehem Church, Brooklyn website. As some of my readers may know, All Souls Bethlehem is a three-way federated church: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Unitarian Universalist Association and United Church of Christ, and is specifically of Disciples, Universalist and Evangelical Synod origins. (Transit: F Train to Ditmas Avenue.)

The Rev. Mr. Fox is a graduate of the Pacific School of Religion and has standing in the United Church of Christ. He works for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

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  1. I know Matthew! I had the good fortune of meeting him at the RCRC conference a couple months ago. He’s doing good work for them.

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