Revival 2008: Getting there green

Jamie Goodwin (Trivium) looks forward to the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship Revival conference, held this November in Cleveland. That’s much closer for him than General Assembly, and closer for many of us. Now, how to get there?

I suppose I could fly: I did for General Assembly a few years ago, but short-haul flying is something many of us are trying to avoid because of the higher proportional energy costs and environmental damage than surface travel.

The Megabus bus line might be a desirable option for some who live in Midwest. Amtrak — which I prefer! — serves Cleveland by the Capitol Limited (Chicago to Washington D.C.) and the Lake Shore Limited (Chicago to Boston or New York, via Rochester). Sometimes that run is deeply discounted. But it is 11 hours or so each way, a bit more than I would normally be happy about.

Connecting service for much of the U.S. comes out of one of those cities, but that’s an even harder sell.

Other ideas?

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  1. I can do long train trips, but the real problem with the Capitol Limited is that it arrives at 2:30 a.m. and the return departure to DC is at 2:15 a.m. Very discouraging. Flying starts to look appealing, especially since Continental has a convenient nonstop from Baltimore for $142. There’s always the carpool option, of course.

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