New must-downloads from Google Books

I love a freebie, especially if it’s a book that doesn’t take up shelf space.

The reason I made it to a search of All Souls Bethlehem Church yesterday is because I had just been by the Fourth Universalist, New York site, the successor church to the Broadway church were the famous Universalist minister Edwin Hubbell Chapin once pastored. And I had just found of book of his sermons available at Google Books as a PDF download.

I also found a download of the Gospel Liturgy, which I’m not sure I’ve mentioned before, and Gloria Patria Revised, the 1903 prayer book that gave us the creed I have listed under “Pages”: I had lost my copy and have never been able to replace it! Also a work on early American prayer books that includes the Unitarians — more than just King’s Chapel! — and Universalists. That last volume is helpful because it notes without judgment those elements that made each distinct.

Now the links:

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