Swedish Unitarians reviewed

Thanks to the Rev. Knut Heidelberg (The Unitarian) for writing about the Unitarian church in Sweden; download the PDF fact sheet by following the link and fixing the end to read “.pdf” —

I don’t know what’s more remarkable about this church, officially the

  • that their liturgy is the Church of Sweden’s high mass, or
  • that such a little church can still send two ministers to serve among the Roma in Slovakia.

The reference to Emanuel Linderholm (link: Swedish Wikipedia) may be to a composer of a particular (musical) mass setting, though he was also a theologian. The Church of Sweden graciously has translated its liturgy into English. I thought I had written about it, but evidently not. You may find it here.  I don’t know if or how they alter the text, but it “a modern version.”

Very interesting.

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