Let's help the UCC

I think this is a job for International Rescue — er, Ecumenical Rescue. Thunderbirds are GO!

People at UCCForums with dialup are complaining they can’t read their denominational site at all, and and me with my poor DSL line can’t get any functionality. Except Hans the UCC Answer Guy. Perhaps I’ll have better luck at Day Job: we have a T-1 line there. Perhaps.

No solution yet, but I’m pretty use it involves using the mean-and-lean Opera browser. Go get it here. Sometimes it ain’t as pretty as Firefox, but it is much faster and has a feature I hope to exploit for UCC.org

Now the irony is I have an article scheduled to release at 8am EDT where I criticize proprietary software, especially that which skates close to free and open source software (FOSS) — Opera is like this. But one of my complaints is lock in, where you become dependent on software or formats you cannot change without the permission of another. This is an emergency, so that concern is less.

One of the reasons I stayed with the Unitarian Universalists is that we take technology more seriously than most other religious fellowships. Anyone game to help?

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  1. I am, as you know, not in a position to give technological advice. This is Sad, but I am always willing to be of assistance to my brothers and sisters in the UCC.

    I have no trouble reading the page and everything works fine. Of course, I am part of the Comcast Cable Empire, so everything is nice and fast…

    I also like the new look. Is it in homage to the UCC Web scheme? Would you like a clipart comma?

  2. Goodness, that’s three kind words about the site theme. As it happens, I’m just demonstrating it for someone else’s consideration, but will consider keeping it (with a different color scheme.)

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