Ethically-sourced laptops: two links

  1. Victoria Weinstein (PeaceBang) hopes for a Mac, but I’m not so sure. I’ll be following up on sweatshop reports, but first look at this page following Greenpeace’s campaign (“A Greener Apple”) urging Apple to produce products without toxic materials and to institute a global consumer takeback. I’ll believe the success when it happens, not just because it has been promised.
  2. Christian Kreutz (crisscrossed) summarizes in English a session at the re:publica conference in Germany in April concerning fair trade laptops. If you read German, you can find out more, but the English title should inspire you: “Fair trade laptop – an extra 30 euro would be enough” But will the thin margins of the laptop business allow that? Or is there room for an innovative manufacturer, provided a market can be cultivated?

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