The Boy is banned!

Jaume comments, writing from Spain:

I am sorry to tell you that I cannot reach your blog when I am at the corporate offices of my client (a multinational computer company which in the past was almost a synonym to “computer”). When I try to open your blog, the browser displays a “Forbidden” page. And probably it is due to these gay connotations (perhaps they think that it is a contact site or something with sexual contents).

I should be angry about this, but since this blog hits positive for boy, gay, thong, underwear, breasts, and now the Wonder Twins’ comments. I’m hardly surprised.

Anyone else blocked at work? (Feel free to be anonymous for this one so long as you leave a real email address.)

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  1. Well, according the above web-site both the human rights group I’m affiliated with and Meadville Lombard are blocked. I didn’t check other UU sites…

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