GA 2008: planning far in advance

It may seem premature to be planning for GA 2008, but I get a feeling that it may not have the support capacity — hotels, restaurants — that GA attendees have a reason to expect.

  • For one, it is locked between the cruise ship terminal and petroleum holding tanks.
  • Second, it doesn’t seem to get big conventions. Indeed, I suspect GA will be one of the largest they get all year.

The convention center calendar — looking forward a year — suggests most of their trade is consumer expos, catered meals and regional association events. If, as ChaliceChick mentioned about Portland, Oregon accomodation is tough this year, it might be as hard or harder next year. Plus, walking in late June in south Florida is going to put those few close hotels at a premium, both for room stays and any meetings the “disaffilates” might have.

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