GA 2007: a glimpse into how to survive it

There’s a picture Out There from the Cleveland General Assembly with a bunch of current bloggers and regular commenters having a wild ol’ time over dinner: an exhibit of the Christians at play really the only thing I really miss about not going to GA. In case you’re wondering why I’m gaming GA 2008: I hope to go.

I assumed others did something similar — you always heard people refer to their dinner plans vague and furtively; you can only get so many people around a table and the reservations have already been made –  but not having school ties I can draw on (I think Brite Divinity School has exactly four Unitarian Universalist ministers to its credit) all I know are the Christians over dinner, lunch, and drinks. Sometimes even breakfast.

So my heart was strangely warmed when I read about the Raft, which Jess referred to.

Now, I know nothing about the Raft other than what I read, and I don’t know where the Christians are dining — that’s not the point.

It seems to me that the way to survive General Assembly is on the buddy system. And if you can blog from GA — or call in a report to a blogger at home — you can be a buddy to those who can’t or won’t be there. 

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  1. Okay, was that the dinner where it was me and 9 or so (mostly gay) men, and S.A. kept ordering bottles of champagne, and the photo is of us all red-faced and giggling and doing the “Arch of Affection” with our arms?

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