Revisiting my shaving posts

I’ve stumbled into a sidebar conversation with Ms. Theologian about shaving tools.

For more than a year, I’ve cleared away the unbearded parts of my face with my grandfather’s “missile silo” double-edge razor, Wilkinson blades, a shaving brush I’ve had for eons and Kiss My Face Moisture Shave. I’m sure I spend less than $20 a year to shave and enjoy the experience royally.

Look back to these three posts — inspired by PeaceBang’s then-new Beauty Tips for Ministers blog — I wrote when I was converting over to Papa Daddy’s razor: entries 1, 2 and 3.

2 Replies to “Revisiting my shaving posts”

  1. Shortly after these original posts I moved to safety razors. I bought a nice one for about $25 and the cost of blades is minimal. My shave has become much more enjoyable, and my wallet is happy too.

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