Comment page seems to help

A word to other bloggers: ever since I added the comment page with an encouraging message on the front page — as opposed to listing an obscured email address — my comments from readers have passed anything I’ve known before.

I use intouch. Not the easiest thing to install but simple to manage; see its documentation page for downloads and directions.

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  1. Wow; thanks for the tip, Scott. I started to install intouch, too, but had a little hiccup. I did a little google searching and in the end, decided to use “Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form v.2.0WP” by Mike Cherim & Mike Jolley. I went with a theme already provided and it just happens to go well with my website.

    I really needed a contact page for my business website and now I’ve found what I needed – thanks to your post!

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