GA 2007: Friday morning

Well, between the postings by bloggers and a couple of emails I’ve gotten, it seems the sermon from the Service of the Living Tradition wasn’t universally loved. That’s an understatement.

Now, I have to see that video.

I’m glad that bloggers, despite their certain exhaustion, are writing. Joseph Santos-Lyons (Radical Hapa), in particular, gives some fresh background.

The most interesting contributions, however, in the last day comes from the married couple, Louise and Sean, writing as delegates for the Church of the Larger Fellowship. Not only are the blogging in tandem, but have given the most detail about the Open Space Technology (OST) process to date. I’m also impressed that they self-organized into an information resource for inquirers, when the staff was overwhelmed with larger problems that needed uninterrupted attention.

Speaking of OST, the GA-OST blog is showing signs of life. From here (link) you can download the topics schedule. But bless my heart they look like Convention Bingo playing cards. (A related phenomenon.) Most of the topics are a bit too meta to be addressed constructively, I think. Also, because of all the buzzwords, I keep expecting to see the word proletariat. But I’ll wait and see how it proceeds.

Comments please, and note if you are on site at Portland.

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  1. No constructive comments here, but I, like you, find myself trolling the blogs this morning looking for any and everything being posted about GA. Of course, the website is one of the least helpful. Thank God for bloggers! I agree about the CLF bloggers (Louise and Sean) being among the most helpful. I will be checking back in throughout the weekend.

    Those bloggers make it possible for people like me, stuck here in Indiana, to get an inkling of what’s going on in Portland.

  2. I know I already compained about this on my blog, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually be able to watch video from GA? I cannot be right at my computer during the live feeds, I want to tell the web team… I work right, remember, thats the reason I am not there to begin with.

    I cannot watch a 2 hour event starting at 11:00 EST!

    I agree about the CLF Delegates blog, they are great and an interesting read since they blog seperatly about the same topics. I have enjoyed them both.

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