GA 2007: Board of Trustees meeting

I know the Board of Trustees met on June 19, but I’ve not heard anything about what was resolved at that meeting. Was the issue of the remaining Independent Affiliates addressed?

If so, who survived? If not, will it be handled at the June 26 session?

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  1. UU World reported yesterday on Tuesday’s board meeting. The board is meeting in four sessions at GA with leaders from the independent affiliate organizations, and Gini Courter told them that the rest of the applications will be acted on at this coming Monday’s board meeting; she is inviting them to consider updating their applications by Sunday if they believe their applications still do not meet the board’s new criteria.

  2. Interesting.

    But I think the writing is on the wall, or, to mix metaphors, the hand has been played.

    Any Unitarian Universalist organization (affiliated or independent) that’s not prepared to replace or emulate the services the UUA has provided in the past is going to be subject to future crises. Are the services and imprimatur worth it?

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