GA 2007: Saturday morning

A bit of live blogging about Plenary V. I have my laundry going, so no promises that I’ll watch all of it.

OK, something’s bad-wrong with the feeds. I can get one or two seconds of video without audio on the RealPlayer feed. Nothing on the Windows Media feed. Tom Disrud on a prepared video. No audio. A choir. No audio.

Now I have video and a very quiet audio using VSL — the Swiss army knife of media players with a slightly hacky solution. Audio fixed. Seems to be mono audio, only on the right. (No jokes, please.)

Meg Riley gave the past year’s social witness report. I like and respect her. Lots of activity. I was away for a couple of minutes, so perhaps she mentioned the netroots then.

Yikes — the tellers are out of CSW documents. Thought for next year: email the text in the early morning and people with laptops and internet phones can carry doc with them to Plenary.  The Presbyterian Church (USA) conducted their whole last General Assembly by laptop. A hint.

The first Con speaker makes a good point: draw on our own tradition to make out point.

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