Service of the Silent Tradition

Later. Someone who outgeeked emailed me to check — in so many words — if I had all the Microsoft codecs (coders/decoder) installed. I thought I had, but hadn’t. Bad Linux user. Automatix to the rescue. [2009. I no longer recommend this.] The Windows feed works clear as can be. (Will have to work on getting an open-source feed codec one day. Hint, hint.) A little late to watch the Service now, but will tomorrow.

I can’t get sound though either recorded feed of the Service of the Living Tradition. I know others are having problems.

Ideas? I’d rather not get super hacky, since that rather defeats the purpose of having the feed as a convenient public resource.

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  1. I tried both the Real and Windows Media files just now and didn’t have any problems. I’ll report this to my colleagues on the web reporting team and see if we can determine what may be wrong.

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