Independent "disaffiliates" sites down?

OK, where did all the UUA-hosted site for current and former independent affiliate organizations go? Is it a “former affiliate” piece, or a systems problem? (Neither of which, I’ll tell you, impress me at all.)

OK, let me ask the opposite question: Do you see any current or former affiliates sites, hosted by the UUA, that are up?

5 Replies to “Independent "disaffiliates" sites down?”

  1. is the old website. It may be that the Affiliate information hasn’t been migrated into the content management system running the new website yet, or that they’ve decided not to migrate it.

  2. They are well behind schedule in the migration process, probably GA has delayed a lot of work, so it should be available soon now that it is over…..

  3. Perhaps it was a temporary problem, because www25. sites I tried were down, too. That said, I hadn’t tried the UUBF in my sample.

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