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While I was reading the Class Matters site, promoted by Victoria Weinstein, who heard it from Hafidha Sofia (Never Say Never to Your Traveling Self), I noted

  • the UU blogger who left a comment, which as a state land-grant university educated person I appreciated.
  • how it hurts a little because it reminds me of how low-class I sometimes have felt in Unitarian Universalist settings. Former blogger Matthew Gatheringwater coined or used the term “governess class” to describe overeducated people of modest backgrounds, like me; see his comment at Philocrites. I overcome the hurt — softer now — by hammering away and outlasting, and no, I wouldn’t trade my background for anything. I’m quite proud of my family’s and my accomplishments, thank you. Even the moonshiners. And don’t think you’re complementing me for “not sounding Southern.”
  • the most helpful article in explaining my perpetual anger and eye-rolling about the ways of certain self-indulgent Unitarian Universalists. File this under “unnecessary weirdness” and please remember I want a chair if you’re holding a meeting.
  • if I ever start a church, I will wear my Sunday Best and, when presiding or preaching, proper clerical vesture. (I hadn’t thought how my class position might be a reason I have written about this so much.)

It’s not ‘them’ — it’s us!” by Betsy Leondar-Wright (Class Matters)

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  1. “And don’t think you’re complimenting me for ‘not sounding Southern.’ ”

    Speak it, my brother!

    Who still sounds Southern when she gets mad.

  2. That’s so funny, that’s how people nail me too. I can always pass except when I’m drunk or emotional.

  3. Oddly enough, folks here in my native SC think my accent is Ohio! but nobody north of the NC-Tenn line ever thinks I am from anywhere but the south….

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