5 Replies to “Aspire expired?”

  1. I’m pretty sure Aspire is no more. I was really into Aspire in the late ’90s when I was still a seminarian-wannabe, heard a little about it my first year or so of seminary (2000-01), then nothing after that.

    For example, at a continental Young Adult gathering in August 2002, where at least half a dozen seminary students were present (plus some future semiarians), nobody mentioned Aspire.

    Which raises a corrollary question: is it still needed? I’m not trying to imply that it’s not, or that it is; it’s an honest question.

  2. Which leads this UU seminarian to ask: what is “Aspire”?

    -Mike W. in Berkeley

  3. Aspire was organization for UU seminarians in formation for ordination. It was active while I was in seminary (2000 – 2004).

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