Laptop resurrexit

Here’s an idea: send me your tired, old (but bootable) laptop — the one that makes you ask, “Why would anyone want that?” — and I will give it some kind of new life with Linux.  I’ll document the transformation and find a charitable home for it, perhaps a church or other ministry.

  • You get the donation letter.
  • I demonstrate how Linux can be useful for old equipment.
  • A charity gets (another) computer; perhaps yours.
  • The landfills sigh a bit.
  • Win, win, win, win

If you have such a laptop or are part of a 501c3 nonprofit and want to receive one, please send me a message using the comments form. District of Columbia area givers and receivers preferred for proximity’s sake, but in anywhere in the United States is fine.

4 Replies to “Laptop resurrexit”

  1. We have two laptops that we are on the verge of replacing, and will keep your offer in mind. Both are physically wearing out: key markings worn off, track pad not functioning, that sort of thing. Would that work for your experiment?

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