Seed in a cup 2.0

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Do kids still grow seeds in cups to see the mystery of new life (and early death)? Some valuable lessons there.

Which made me thought about a project I saw at MAKE Magazine and the MAKE: Blog about making one's own biosphere in a jar.

If you've gotten high-concept, high-priced catalogs, you've seen ads for these sealed glass baubles, filled with water, brine shrimp and aquatic plants.  Provided it gets an input of  sunlight, it can remain a closed biosphere.  (But I've wondered how long they really last.  Another, perhaps unintended, lesson.)

The MAKE project is the same idea. With a pickle jar.   My inner tween self -- a quarter-century past -- would have loved this.  The current middle-aged one still thinks it's neat.

Watch the video podcast!

Read the directions! (PDF)

Look at a biosphere-maker's photos!

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