Megabus goes west

Over the last year I’ve written about the young and growing Megabus service; my UK readers will be better acquainted with this company. See 1, 2, and 3. Now they’ve begun service on the West Coast.

Yoohoo! How about the Atlantic states, or the South? Please?  (I’m in no way related to this company.)

2 Replies to “Megabus goes west”

  1. MegaBus does runs between St. Louis and Chicago which are cheap and faster than Amtrak (or even, depending on flight delays at ORD, than flying!). I would love to see them expand further–I’d definitely use their services.

  2. A lot of the good things about MegaBus depends on when you get your ticket. While I’m an Amtrak person, I do think MegaBus does a service for some parts of the country where other types of transportation are spotty.

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