BarCamp planning: note to self when planning church events

I mentioned I attended D.C.’s first BarCamp, a technology unconference, where my geek abilities were stretched to their limits. But I learned a few things, and the relative low cost of production and the quality outcomes make me think again this is a good model for the more adventuresome church people — Unitarian Universalists, Christians or both — out there. And I still think an unconference alternative/option with General Assembly is a good idea.

I went to BarCamp to learn the model and process; I didn’t succeed so much with that, but this post-mortem from the 2006 Los Angeles BarCamp is full of good ideas and details for anyone planning a meeting of any kind.

I did like the name tag administration at BarCampDC. It only had three fields: name, “where you are from” (place or employer) and what interests you. This last is the innovation. By adding category tags, its easier to make introductions and connections. Nifty.

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  1. I think you are on to something here that I hope others don’t skip or pass by, and hope you might flesh out some more sometime also. It could lead into some interesting areas. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  2. glad you enjoyed the barcampLA post-mortem. the barcamp model is being adopted by “geeks” in many different niches — (winecamp, transitcamp in toronto, foodcamp, etc). would be interesting to see a church / theology camp!

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