BarCamp and credit unions meet

How good does it get? The BarCamp/Unconference mode of learning and teaching and the economic cooperative benefits of credit unions and alternative banking together. That’s the upshot of BarCampBankSeattle that met over the summer.

Some interesting features for those thinking of organizing an unconference:

  1. Judging by the list of those who said they were there, by the session list and the faces in the Flickr photo pool, there were less than three dozen participants and perhaps fewer than two dozen, not the 150 at DC BarCamp. Numbers aren’t the measure of success, but connections and outcomes.
  2. There were no t-shirts, which seems invariable and is a useful way of recognizing sponsors. They’re really optional.
  3. Oh, there weren’t sponsors in the convention sense; participants paid their own way.
  4. Pizza — that perennial favorite — filled in for catering.

Hat tip: Open Source CU blog

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