I heart DC: the Armenians are out

As many of you know, there’s a move afoot in the House of Representatives to name the Armenian genocide a genocide and that’s making Turkey balk.  But I really knew something was up yesterday morning when I passed an assemblage of well-dressed men, probably Armenian, in front of an office associated with Armenia on my way to work.

What were they doing, apart from taking up the whole sidewalk?

I got my answer a couple of minutes later, when I stood at a major intersection, waiting for the walk sign. An impressive black town car turned in front of me towards the assemblage. The car bore the crest and (bilingual) name of His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos (head) of the Apostolic Armenian Church. The catholicos is on a tour of the United States and lead the opening prayer in the House the day before.

I heart little Washington moments like that.

Now perhaps there’ll be some visible action to convert an empty former bank building downtown to the national Armenian genocide museum, as long anticipated.

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  1. I also agree that the Armenian Genocide Museum would be a great idea. Although, having it in DC is a weird choice for me. I would much rather see it in LA. The Los Angeles Basin has more Armenians outside of Armenia than any where else in the world.

    There is also a great book that recently won the Pulitzer called “A Problem From Hell” by Powers that documents the United State’s slow response to genocide around the world starting with Armenia all the way up to today(ish).

    I highly recommend it. Although, not for bedtime reading.

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