My moment in print

Thanks for those who wrote me to say my quotation in the Religion News Service article by Shona Crabtree about the current Unitarian Universalist Association ad campaign with Time Magazine and

As some of you might guess, I’m not all sweetness and light and affirmation about that dreadful hybrid of editorial content and advertising known as the advertorial. It makes us look cheap and a bit suspect.

The article in the Dallas Morning News.

7 Replies to “My moment in print”

  1. How exciting that you are starting a church in DC, Scott! I didn’t know that. Can you say more? I read you pretty regularly but must have missed that.

  2. Actually, I’ve been holding it to my chest — details later; it explains some of the projects I’ve been brewing on the blog of late — but my professional plans came up in the interview.

  3. That provides an excellent ray of hope to two endangered traditions!

    John Simcox

  4. You go boy(in the bands)!

    This concludes my gayest moment of the day (at least until I get home and watch Designing Women reruns).

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