Ubuntu renewed

I play hard and rough with my home computer, so about twice a year I need to reinstall my documents and software. I did this last week and decided to keep my system a bit leaner than usual.

This is half a note-to-self and half note-to-others. In addition to the default Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (“Gutsy Gibbon”) software — which includes the OpenOffice.org, the GIMP image program and a bunch of games, I added

  1. Liferea (feed reader)
  2. Inkscape (vector graphics)
  3. gFTP (file transfer)
  4. Google Earth (mapping) *
  5. Bluefish (code editor)
  6. Miro (video player)
  7. msttcorefonts (Microsoft font installer)
  8. Acrobat Reader (PDF reader) *

I also added the Google Notebook and Firebug (code manipulation) plugins to Firefox.

I added the software with asterisks using the Medibuntu repository, which can be added by following the “recipes” here.

A big change: I am not using an email client — perhaps for the first time. All my email is routed through my Gmail account now. I also don’t bother with the “prettified” Compiz windows manager. Metacity, the default windows manager, is really good.

Now lightened, my computer runs much better. That’s all.

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