Sweeney Todd!

Hubby and I have had three Christmases now doing “the traditional Jewish Christmas” of a movie (all musicals so far) and a Chinese dinner. I highly recommend it, given the first stipulation below.

Before the cuttlefish in XO sauce, we had a matinee of Sweeney Todd. Quite good. No spoilers. Mostly.

  • Beware: “the demon barber of Fleet Street” is quite violent. Even more than I expected. Nightmare producing, perhaps.
  • There are at least two good views of Geneva bands. I know one set was worn by a clergyman, but the other might have been a barrister, as they also wear bands (I got mine in London at a lawyer’s tailor) and the Old Bailey is a location.
  • There are lovely views of London churches, which were then still the tallest buildings. Christ Church, Spitalfields. St. Paul’s. St. Bride, Fleet Street (of wedding cake fame). St. Dunstan in the West. A couple of others I didn’t recognize. A nice reminder that churches very often persist even when the place is fundamentally changed, as in Docklands.

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