I, for one, welcome our new UUA overlords

Fans of The Simpsons will get that title.

PeaceBang opined that First Parish, YouTube from yesterday’s post might be First Religious Society, Carlisle, Massachusetts, but the video meetinghouse is missing Carlisle’s distintive clock. Not that I knew that from sight; instead, I went to UUA.org to get a link to FRC Carlisle’s Web site.

But what should be on the UUA front page?

Putin on Time “Man of the Year” cover, at UUA.org

Y’all know I don’t think the Time campaign is a good use of resources, but didn’t foresee this! Got a chuckle out of it anyway.

One Reply to “I, for one, welcome our new UUA overlords”

  1. Too funny…..I can see it now: Vladimir Putin vs Hugo Chavez for UUA President…who will win the hearts and minds of the UUA faithful?

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