I support Obama

While my family knows I support Barack Obama for President, I’ve not blogged about it. Now that others have started to make their feelings known (including a reasonable none-of-the-above by Stentor Danielson), I thought I’d share.

Comment, if you like. For what it’s worth, I expected last night’s outcome, other than Thompson’s third place finish, but I suspect Guiliani — who I positively detest — has a clever strategy.

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  1. Good for you Scott! As I mentioned on my own blog, I agree that Obama is a compelling individual and candidate. I have nothing to add to that except to say that I am pleased and a little surprised by all the support he is getting as well as the breadth of his support. These are good signs as it is a long election cycle and, ultimately, the results in Iowa may not matter all that much.

  2. Welcome aboard, Scott. I had the chance to watch Obama over the years here in Illinois and even engaged in a long conversation with him years ago when he was a semi-obscure state Senator in the dust of the Illinois State Fair. He continues to impress me not only with keen and penetrating intelligence, but with a real understanding of people that allows him to connect across the ever widening chasms that seperate the right from the left. He is also the best exemplore of the great public/secular religion which our Unitarian and Universalsit anscestors did so much to create.

  3. “He is also the best exemplore of the great public/secular religion which our Unitarian and Universalist ancestors did so much to create.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Obama is a liberal in the best sense of that term: progressive, knowledgeable, thoughtful, irenic. He’s an altogether remarkable individual, and a deeply committed Christian as well, whose faith informs his politics, not the other way around. I’m very impressed with him.

  4. Oh geez… Fitzgerald is putting the squeeze on Tony Rezko and he will flip. The long arm of corrupt Illinois Politics is going to touch Sen Obama and people will ask if those annual dinners Obama had with mentor Rezko were as blunt as those Rezko had with Gov. Blagojevich.

    Bush sought to export Democracy to Iraq. Illinois Democrats sought to export Illinois politics. The fascinating yet to be told story will be that of Rezko’s friend him Alsammarae, the minister of Electricity for Iraq under the CPA. PM Maliki said it was Blackwater that sprun Alsammarae from jail to return to Chicago. The same Blackwater now with a campus in northern Illinois.

    Obama just has way too many links with Chicago’s Syrian-Iraqi mob (Christians mostly too for whatever it’s worth, Rezko, Alsammarae [sunni], Al Chaib, Ali Ata)…. this won’t end well at all for him.

  5. Yay for Obama, but why do you detest Giuliani? I’m asking for information and education here, because I suspect you probably know something that those of us farther from New York don’t. Surely he’s less scary than Huckabee, though?

  6. @Bill — I’ve seen this comment virtually verbatim at three blogs now. The link is back to a post you wrote. I plainly don’t care if there’s an Illinois scandal in the works — I ‘ll leave that for the Illinois citizenry — but pulling in Obama raised a red flag. And I don’t like being pulled into a whisper campaign.

  7. @Katharine. For the sake of the republic, we need the next President to be strong but show a respect for the constitutional limits of the presidency and the rule of law. I suspect neither Guiliani nor Clinton won’t understand that, and that Huckabee and (perhaps) Edwards cannot pull it off.

  8. Spent the morning with Adam and our families and a few thousand other folks seeing Obama speak in NH! Barak and Roll!

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