Fear not . . . .

  • watching the New Hampshire returns with a bit of amazement. (You can ask me where I get my hair done any time.)
  • nursing a nose itch, wondering if its a rhinovirus or a bit of mold or whatnot from our very weird weather.
  • reading Our New Departure by Elbridge Gerry Brooks. A Universalist agenda for the future. From 1874. Seeing if there’s something worth recovering.

There is this, from page 15, speaking of the age before Universalism was known:

Chiefest of all, perhaps, an appalling uncertainty hung over the future. Nothing was definite. Above no grave could a sure word of prophecy be uttered. Not even to the saintliest soul, it was thought, was there authority to say, “Fear not:” for time and eternity, God is your Friend. Ours it was to pour light into this darkness.

2 Replies to “Fear not . . . .”

  1. It’s funny that you’re writing about this today. I’ve been thinking about fear for the past week or so (especially since Barack won in Iowa). I’ve worried the whole time that Barack has been in the race that he would get shot. Then all of a sudden, my father (who I have no idea what he feels about Barack) says the day after Iowa “He better watch out, somebody’s gonna want him dead.” My father saying that just really made me look at how often what we really do is live out of fear instead of faith.

    With Barack coming in second last night, I’ve really started to take heart in what both he and Michelle say about how they can’t live that way or they wouldn’t be able to carry on on the campaign trail. Faith really overcome fear; you just have to learn how to balance it.

    Anyway…thanks for the post.

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