UUMA letter: creative crisis control?

I’ve got little to add to the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association decision to move their before-General-Assembly meetings to a location outside the port security area, and thus avoiding the brouhaha around an ID check for General Assembly proper. The UUMA decision seems right, the tone of the letter is appropriate and avoids it the lugubrious excesses the loudest voices have made.

The form of the letter itself interests me. Daniel O’Connell reprints it in full — so I shan’t — along with the license at the end, which is:

Please feel free to distribute this letter as you see fit; we only ask that you distribute it in its entirety.

This is, in spirit, a liberal license, not unlike the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works license. That formal license might be worth considering if you have a similar message or document or resource you want to get out unaltered. (But, despite the request, I think excerpting would be fair game, under fair use.)

The original letter, in context.

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