Tiny church administration: your turn

What, if anything dear readers, would you like to research or write about? The subject: making the running of the tiniest churches as easy as possible.

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  1. How about this question: What administrative issues are we faced with in our real-life tiny church?

    — Care and feeding of volunteers (volunteer burnout is a big issue in tiny churches).

    — Ongoing assessment of what new technology makes life easier (mailing newsletters as a PDF!!), and what technology takes up too much time (attempting to have committee meetings via email!!).

    — Outsource custodial duties? Try to have volunteers take them on? What about very part-time sextons/custodians?

    — Ditto bookkeeping.

    — Another look at easy Web pages for tiny churches. I’m lucky in that I know basic HTML and can code a primitive Web site — but now we’re exploring things like online donations, and I’m way out of my league. Things are changing so fast vis-a-vis the Web, this is one of those topics I want to revisit every three months.

    I’ll stop now. And thanks for opening this discussion….

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