Saviour of All Fellowship's gentle ministry

I’m always happy when I get an envelope of newsletters from the Saviour of All Fellowship. Even though you can read them online now — not always the case — there’s something about getting the letter. I need to put a check in the mail to them.

Each month is one side of a leaf (I wonder if some people get the newsletters monthly rather than bundled) with a bit of biblical instruction, an encouraging word and some news (like a conference or a death notice). It is written like a letter and always stays on topic: praising God and instructing the people on our final and complete salvation. Most Unitarian Universalists will find their theology odd, but I suspect those who find their way here will find something endearing.

The model, from a church communications point of view, is worth considering. I can imagine many small churches could dispense with the mini-magazine format and put out a well-made, timely and tightly constructed letter instead.

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  1. Hello Scott!
    Thanks for the very nice plug.
    We send out the SAF newsletter (freely) sometimes once a month and, sometimes to save on expenses, send it out after a couple of months. So if anyone gets 2 or more issues at one time, it is due to not having gotten the newsletter for a month or so. This goes for all on the mailing list.

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