Who will speak up for Mehdi Kazemi?

I am disturbed that

  • the UK Home Office will deport 19-year-old gay Iranian Mehdi Kazemi back to Iran, where his life is most surely in danger. (He was studying in the UK.)
  • there isn’t a strong campaign to pressure the UK government to allow him to stay there.

Kazemi’s partner (or boyfriend, variously reported) was probably hanged and the best the Home Office can offer is that he’ll be safe if he’s discrete. Kinda hard after his name, face and case have been splashed widely in the press.

Right now I’m asking if anyone has seem more than I have, about a concerted effort. I’ll write more about possible actions, especially for Americans, if nothing crops up.

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  1. I wrote to the Home Office, and copied Gordon Brown’s home constituency email address (the PM email address is hidden in a form) two days ago (not that I am in any way influential or powerful, just compelled to speak out). Gay rights groups have gotten involved as well, and according to the BBC’s news website, the Home Secretary (Jacqui Smith) has agreed to review the case again; additionally, Simon Hughes, a Lib Dem MP has recommitted to his earlier promise to assist Mr. Kazemi if/when he returns to Britain from the Netherlands.

    Let’s pray that God’s love moves the hearts of those in power to do justice.

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