My blog TODO list

I started this blog in May 2003 and am closing in on 2,300 posts. Here and there, I’ve started series of posts, usually developing or pointing to resources. Some projects, too. This list is as much a to-do for me as a menu of coming attractions. Hold me to that.

  • Church planting resources (like this)
  • Making good use of the domains I’ve secured.
  • Best use of Google tools, especially for small church administration
  • And church administration help for the tiniest of churches, whatever the resource. (original post; some more comments would be welcome).
  • What Universalist spiritual disciplines are.
  • What can Christians learn from the open-sourcers, at least as it applies to worship? (original post)
  • Finding “simple church” resources. (original post)
  • Help welcoming newcomers to a Linux desktop, especially versions of Ubuntu Linux
  • Suggesting practical ways to address crises over class among Unitarian Universalists.
  • Choosing the most ethically sourced clothes and computer hardware. (here’s an idea of what I mean)
  • Identifying Christian emblems (other than crosses) and making graphics files.
  • Identifying Web 2.0 resources, particular to religious life or not, for religious purposes. (like this)
  • Type out the Gospel Liturgy (1861) daily prayers.
  • Later. Continue the live blogging of The Parson’s Handbook.

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