If you have some money, give

To make the most impact, I give to only a few charitable organizations, and one is the Friends of the World Food Program. The World Food Program has a good history of food relief, with an excellent record of efficiency and the capacity to make a real difference. The Friends is the US support affiliate.

With the cost of staple crops pushing essential yet modest foodstuffs out of reach for so many people — this BBC news story gives some background — food relief giving is going to be a major need this year and (I’m worried) years to come.

2 Replies to “If you have some money, give”

  1. And you can call your U.S. Senators and Representative ASAP and encourage them to support a new Farm Bill with increased spending on food stamps and the Emergency Food Assistance Program! Results.org has more information

  2. I agree. “Farm Bill” is a historic but (I’ve heard suggested) a misleading name. The “Food Bill” would be more accurate, because there’s hardly a person in the United States — perhaps anywhere — not affected by it.

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