Boy in the Bands upgrading; do you have requests?

As the title says, I’m upgrading the style and usability of this blog. All the improvements will be on another semi-secret blog and will be rolled out in stages.

I’m of the school that the blog should do what it needs to do with as little glitz as possible, yet anticipating features (like microformats) that make scanning this as friendly to computers making sense of the information as my human readers.

Gotta love the computers, right?

But I want to know what would make this experience better for human eyes. Please add your comments. Thanks.

One Reply to “Boy in the Bands upgrading; do you have requests?”

  1. I think your blog is very usable already. I particularly like the large font. So many sites go for “cool looking” smaller font sizes. And your placement of the search box is very good. You might go for fixed width, but there is never-ending debate on which is better. The only real suggestion I have is to make your RSS feed more prominent — perhaps with a large button somewhere — in addition to the discreet links you already have (which are good, because they are in standard places).

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