Visualize World Unitarians and Universalists

At Day Job, we love data visualization. I do. Many people do. So much easier to share, learn and appreciate information when the data is expressed in a chart, map or tag cloud.

Noodling around for a Google map for a post to come out tomorrow, I ran across a Google map of “Unitarians and Universalists Around the Globe” (with a KML file to add to Google Earth, if you use it) from the UUA International Resources Office — so props for this useful resource.

Which may take the shine off of a similar project I have in mind, but so be it. More later, when I have something to show.

Unitarians and Universalists Around the Globe

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  1. It is a nice project. Unfortunately the “affiliated to the ICUU” concept is a bit loose and a few groups are just emerging, fledging groups which are not yet members, and a few are not even organized groups. My suggestion is that this list is complemented with the full report on membership that can be found in ICUU’s website, at But thanks anyway to the UUA IO for this initiative; since Eric Cherry is at the helm of the office we are seeing many positive and encouraging things happening.

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