Book on the Japanese Universalists

The Universalist Japanese mission is one of those episodes in denominational history that perplexes those who might be interested in it. It flourished through the twenties, barely survived the War (I gather) but a single congregation of it — the Doojin Christian Church, Tokyo (no Web site) — remains today.

There’s little one can read about it, but aha! I found 1890-1915: twenty five years of the Universalist Japan mission for download at that fills in some details. Go thou and download.

And use it to prepare something for Japan Sunday in November (or not.)

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  1. I discovered that book (via googlebooks) when I was looking for ministers who had ministered at the Universalist Unitarian Church in Atlanta in the 1920s. (We’ll forgo jokes about which he found more foreign – Georgia or Japan).
    There are at least three other books on the mission – and I noticed a nice write up in a UWA booklet in their missions in the 1950s…. anybody recall the names of those books?

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