"Cranford" on PBS? think of Unitarians

Hubby and I watched the first two-hour installment of Cranford, an adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s atmospheric novel Cranford tonight on Masterpiece Theater, on PBS.

The first reason: it is very good and faithful to the book.

The second reason: I read the book is because he and I visited Knutsford, the Cheshire town Gaskell based Cranford on, as a day trip from Manchester during our honeymoon in 2003. There we visited the Rev. Alex Bradley, a name among the British Unitarian Christians and the minister of the historic Brook Street Chapel, who kindly gave us a tour, showing us Mrs. Gaskell’s grave, followed by a chat over tea. (Image of building.)

I like to think the more reform-minded residents would have worshiped there. Something to think about over the rest of the series.

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