3 Replies to “Church-planters list for interested persons”

  1. While you are searching the UUA site for info about new or disbanded congregations, try being a an average UU and look for how to become an Emerging Congregation. I’m probably not the average UU – been an active lay leader, been to five GAs, etc – and it took me at least three tries over a year to get it done. I finally went through the UUA IT folks.
    By the way, we’ve gained two members and several visitors from in the year since we got listed.

  2. It may be heretical, but actually I have come to see that difficulty mentoned above, trying to find out from the UUA how to become a congregaton, as a great blessing to anyone serious about church planting these days, an unintended blessing no doubt, and I would probably say the same thing about any mainline denomination too.

  3. I’m not convinced, unless the blessing is to spare us the effort of curious people who don’t know the option of church planting exists. All “experts” were once the simply curious.

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