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No pony jokes.

Careful readers know I have an interest in far-away, sparsely inhabited areas. I'm grateful to the Internet -- and before that shortwave radio and a childhood spent reading encyclopedia -- to keep up with goings-on in the far corners of the world.

So I'm pleased to find a wiki dedicated to the Shetland Islands, the most northerly extent of the British Isles and home to 22,000 souls.


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  1. Here’s a perhaps even more obscure spot to ponder, Scott–the Faroe Islands. From the Shetlands, head north (more or less)…

    My two teen sons have become interested (my fault; I learned about them in the process of exploring Norse rock music, which led me to Tyr, a metal band… whih one of my sons got hooked on). 60,000 people with their own language, an autonomous nation that’s part of Denmark (but not part of the EU).

    If you find a wiki devoted to the Faroes let me know!

  2. I love the Faroes, or since I’ve never been, at least the idea of them. I come at them under the rubric of “isolated islands” “Nordic state churches” and “ethical consumption” since I defend their traditional practice and mode of whale hunting.

    The state church — a diocese of the Danish state church — has a good Web site with pictures of the church buildings from

  3. Ah, strike one comment. The Faroese state church became independent of the Danish state church last year. Are the Greenlanders far behind?


    Thanks for that. Shetlopedia is a great website and I think I’ll head up there for a trip this summer. I’ll try to arrange a sales trip so the company pays for it. I want to see the beautiful Shetland beaches and maybe do some diving.

    So, any Shetlander’s out there interested in buying some English wine? Get in touch and give me a chance to visit your beautiful isles.

    This is what I’ll look like by the time I come back –

    Faroe looks amazing, maybe I can arrange a sales trip out there as well. 🙂

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