The Republic of Nepal: what other change?

There’s been a bit of news about how Nepalese parliament disestablished the monarchy and erected a federal, democratic republic in its place. I expect the new republic will have birthing pains and I wish them well, but I don’t want the day to pass without noting that there was one other change. In its path to becoming a republic, in 2006 Nepal became a secular state. Given the monarch’s role in state religion the end of the monarchy underscores the transition.

Or as the Unitarian Toast goes: “To Civil and Religious Liberty, the world over.”

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  1. I find it interesting that very little mention is being made of the fact that Maoists are most likely to gain control of the country in the absence of the monarchy. That probably means that in short order the people of Nepal will be moving from one form of oppressive state to another.

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