To think, Hubby and I could be getting married in California about now.

But would our marriage be recognized back in the District of Columbia? I think that needs to be addressed. Or perhaps not addressed, but forced.

I’ll buy the argument that nothing substantive will be done until the next Congress, but the time to act towards January is now.

4 Replies to “Cal-i-for-ni-a!”

  1. The family and I just got back from the County Clerk’s office where we watched the first 3 same sex weddings in Mendocino County. There are few times in life to see capital H History in the making. The brides were beautiful and the grooms were fabulous.

    My kids were not sure what all the fuss was about. They can’t quite grasp how it could have ever been otherwise.

  2. If you do get to be married in DC, I hope I get to officiate again. Or at least sign the license. I just found my old District of Columbia certification for weddings paper!

  3. We’d love you to come down and do Wedding v2, but I suspect the best hope we have is D.C. recognizing a foreign (California or Massachusetts) wedding.

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