Skype again

I’ve been writing on and off about Skype, the Internet telephony service, for about three years. I’m trying it again because it turns out my brother and father use it, and I’m not about to be left out.

Of course, I feel a little bad because it isn’t free software, but I’ll learn it first and then consider Ekiga or some other free Internet telephony. Or leave Brother and Father to their toy and call them the old fashioned way.

If you use Skype and would like to be on my contact list, email me through the contact page; I’ll reply with mine.

3 Replies to “Skype again”

  1. What do you mean, it isn’t free software? Yes it is. You only pay if you are calling to a regular phone number (and a very decent fee, particularly for international calls), but Skype-to-Skype calls are completely free.

  2. Ah ok. This is a frequent confusion in Spanish. “Open source” (Código abierto) is increasingly preferred.

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