Knoxville: Sympathetic reportage from non-Unitarian Universalists

I figured it was worth a look to see if there were any “they deserved it” posts in the blogosphere, particularly from self-identified Christian sources. (Had there been, though, I doubt I would have brought it up, and certainly not now.) While I’m sure there’s some crank out there, especially since the notorious Fox News has depicted TVUUC as a pro-gay church, I have found nothing but concern and sympathy coming from a number of distinct backgrounds, including:

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  1. Here’s another supportive article:
    His last paragraph indicates that he feels it was risky to extend this support.

    The link was sent to me by my brother, who is pastor at a very conservative Christian church. It was touching to receive it from him; a blessing, in fact. We agree about almost nothing doctrinally.

    I am numb about the shootings and have not yet wept. Strange for me. Perhaps on Sunday when we will most likely attend a UU church for the first time in over a year.

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