Cleaning up, finding resources and a Georgia resolution

I’ve been in a blogging funk lately. I have a couple of big articles I can’t bear to write, a house that Hubby and I need to begin packing, and when all else fails, I’ll blame the Washington August malaise.

I have however, been cleaning out more than a decade of old floppies and CD-ROMs, with the hope of having a workable sets of files and a backup “in the cloud,” that is, distributed over a set of large servers. But the nice thing about starting with more than 81 gigabyes (!) of data, is you find lovely old tidbits. I’ll be pulling those out until the funk passes.

The first, a resolution from the 1923 Georgia Universalist Convention on the death penalty:

Since our church believes and teaches that the purpose of all punishment is remedial that is should be administered in such a way as to cure the wrong doer,

Therefore be it resolved that we favor any legislation that looks to the ultimate abolishment of capital punishment.

Rev. Crumpton declared that in his opinion the Convention should not go on record as interfering with the law makers as regards capital punishment, and he desired this resolution be withdrawn.

Rev. Strain declared that he heartily favored the adoption of this resolution, and it was regularly moved and seconded that the resolution be adopted, and a show of hands gave a large majority in favor of its adoption.

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