I haven't suspended the blog . . . .

But moving has taken more of an effort than I thought, and Verizon has failed to get our DSL transferred. So it’s writing from a coffee shop for the time being.

Feel free to add your thoughts to the desert island book list, or comment here about what you make of the McCain debate demurral, and Obama’s response, which may vary from my sense. (I think it makes McCain look desperate and vague, and I can’t see how it really him.)

One Reply to “I haven't suspended the blog . . . .”

  1. It helps him because he JUST got in the more populist wing of the Republicans with the nomination of Palin and if he comes out in favor of the Bush plan to end the crisis, he risks loosing them again, perhaps forever, since they are largely against an expensive plan that really obviously benefits Wall Street.

    But if he DOESN’T back the Bush plan he looses the big money support he’s enjoyed up until now.

    He’s in a pickle.


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