"Blessed city, heavenly Cylon"

OK: not this hymn. But I’ve watched nearly all of the broadcasted episodes of Battlestar Galacticaall but episode 10 “Revelations” — in the last few weeks (thanks A.M. for the DVD loan) and the religion threads therein are fascinating. I’m not so keen even now to bring it up because just discussing them brings up spoilers, but there are unlikely elements of Universalist theology that came up in an inauspicious place.

Care for a discussion, below the fold? Which means “spoiler alert” if you’re not up to date. I’ll pipe up if there’s interest.

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  1. Let’s see… universalist theology in popular culture…

    Yeah, that’s something I’d be happy to discuss it–but I’m not up to date on BSG (not that I mind spoilers in the circumstances).

    Tangentially–a friend pointed us at Joan of Arcadia (all our TV watching is video, not broadcast or cable, so we’re behind the curve… by choice), and both our sons are caught by it. Our younger son’s been discussing some of the theological issues with his mother… to the delight and amusement of this seminarian.

  2. Scott, I don’t mind… and can’t even afford to right now. I can only “afford” so many distractions from all the seminary work I’m (supposed to be) doing. (Oh, look, a deadline tomorrow…)

  3. Scott, please weigh in. This is my favorite series, and one of my favorite examples of pop culture riffing on religion, from the imperial Greek, polytheistic civil religion, all the way down to the bitter PK (Chief Tyrol).

    I’ve long thought that Six was universalist–a seriously f’ed-up universalist, but nevertheless….

  4. Well, first I noted a strong strain of antinomianism in the “Baltar cult.” Universalists (and Quakers) have historically been associated (sometimes fairly, sometimes not) with the pure (and rarely stable) freedom of antinomianism.

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