3 is out

Like Michelle Murrain, I’ve been using the free and open-source office suite “before it was” — thanks to the good example of the Labarum military chaplaincy liturgy site, which released some of its files in the older Star Office format.

I’m also glad the new version of has, for the first time, a native release for all you Mac users out there. (Both Intel and PowerPC chip sets, she reminds.) At the same time, I’m going through the available extension to see what might be useful for an office setting, and particularly for churches. Extensions was what gave the Firefox browser so much of its appeal; perhaps is about to break out? (I’m especially interested in an extension that allows the editing of existing PDFs.)

And the price (free of charge, as well as free to be modified and redistributed) is right, especially in this economy.

Do go grab it, or upgrade. Three million others have.

With this post, and long overdue, I’m opening the category FOSS, meaning “free and open-source software”

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